9 Steps to Perfect Impulse Heat Seals... Every Time.

perfect impulse heat sealsThe packaging industry uses plastic films, sheets, and composite structures to protect, preserve, and display a multitude of products for consumers and industrial users. These packages must be produced, shaped, and sealed into pouches and containers with unerring precision and integrity, often at high speeds requiring perfect impulse heat seals.

The commercial world expands

Distribution networks are stretched to reach into distant markets and packaging must be made to withstand the rigors of transport and handling. Medical and healthcare products must remain sterile, electronics and instruments undamaged, and fresh foods crisp and delectable.

Plastic film producers continue to create unimaginable packaging materials with superior properties for the protection and display of products. As such, products must be sealed with integrity in order for them to be useful.

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9 Steps to Heatsealing Perfection is offered as an aid to those persons that are charged with the challenge of producing good packaging and Perfect Seals… Every Time.

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