Medical Vacuum/Purge
Impulse Heat Sealers

Vacuum/Purge Impulse Heat Sealer functions can be valuable additions to the packaging process. PackworldUSA’s vacuum and purge system with advanced TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® Series temperature controllers can be tailored to the desired results of final packaging.

Some applications may require a tight vacuum around the product while others only wish to remove dimensional bulk without crushing delicate contents. Displacing oxygen is possible by purging inert gas. Multiple vacuum or purge cycles can be implemented for maximum oxygen displacement.

PackworldUSA machines can be programmed to end either on a vacuum or purge cycle. The last cycle is customizable for a unique setting differentiating from previous cycle settings. Vacuum pressure is variable to further dial in ideal parameters for specific applications. The vacuum function can be set to achieve a specific vacuum level or vacuum for a programed duration

PW4424 Tabletop
PW3416 Horizontal
PW5548 Pass Thru

TOSS Touch Screen Control

PackworldUSA versatile Variable Resistance Control (VRC) heat sealer, with TOSS Touch Screen control, provides a graphical display of temperature/time/pressure with various time sequence possibilities and visual/audible alarms.

Time, temperature and pressure are programmable with the cooling cycle controlled by either time or temperature. Process controls are displayed in real-time and validation is easier than ever through the menu-driven single touch process.

PackworldUSA impulse heat seal touch screen controller
TOSS Touch Screen Video
TOSS 9 Steps
TOSS/PIREG closed loop system
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