The Evolution of Impulse Heat Sealers

The Original Impulse Heat Sealer was a Start but... Unreliable

impulse heat selaer patent 1964

PackworldUSA has advanced the evolution of Medical Heat Sealers by using TOSS® Technology and PIREG® Impulse Temperature Control. Virtual perfection has now been achieved using closed loop Variable Resistance Control (VRC), the validatable mode of heat sealing. The electrical resistance of the heatseal element is constantly monitored to provide precise temperature feedback.

The VRC System responds instantly to provide perfect temperature control of the heating element while eliminating the use of thermocouples and the inherent inconsistencies associated with their use.

PackworldUSA Builds Efficiency in to every Impulse Heat Sealer

PackworldUSA precision heat sealers use 20 to 30 times LESS power than conventional Constant (hot bar) sealers— TOSS® Technology, with PIREG® impulse heat seal temperature control, is helping to sustain green initiatives, important in today’s business climate as companies restructure their supply chains to reduce their carbon footprint, while also improving their bottom line.

PackworldUSA with TOSS touch screen control
TOSS Touch Screen Control

Heat sealing evolution is occurring through the intelligent design of TOSS® Technology - The Optimum Sealing System with PIREG® impulse heat seal temperature control is built upon the principals of Variable Resistance Control (VRC) impulse heat sealing.

The 1960’s generation of impulse heat sealing consisted of using a fixed amount of power for a predetermined time which often proved problematic. Later generations attempted to control the process with the aid of thermocouples. These too proved problematic due to inherent errors associated with the placement and response time of thermocouples.


No Thermocouples

TOSS® Technology and PIREG® impulse temperature control provides flawless, instantaneous control of the heating element without the need of thermocouples.

Closed Loop System

TOSS® Technology and PIREG® impulse temperature control closed looped, VRC system employs a temperature controller engineered to measure and control the changing resistance of a TOSS Alloy-20®-C.

 Alloy-20® Elements 

TOSS® Technology and PIREG® This unique alloy, when combined with TOSS's VRC Technology, accurately controls heat sealing temperatures from a range of ambient to 500˚ C assuring you... Perfect Seals, Every Time!

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