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PackworldUSA, dedicated to supporting Life Sciences companies Worldwide

Cutting-edge Life Science companies are finding the need for speed and productivity due to many scientific breakthroughs and innovative new products coming on-line to meet today’s needs. In order to remain competitive, companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency, as well as, be mindful of the impact those new products have on the environment.

Utilizing state-of-the-art PackworldUSA impulse heat sealers, with TOSS® Technology and PIREG® temperature control, companies are realizing Variable Resistance Control (VRC) impulse heat sealing systems accurately control the time and temperature of the impulse heat seal band flawlessly on every cycle. PackworldUSA heat sealers truly perform as advertised… while reducing waste thru increased efficiency.


Biotechnology firms research, create, and manufacture a wide variety of commercial products, most of which have medical applications. Biotech firms operate differently than pharma ceutical companies in that they use the natural processes of living organisms to manufacture products, food and medicinal products or solve challenges.


Pharmaceutical companies develop and distribute medicines to cure, treat or prevent diseases and conditions. The need for sterile heat sealing techniques is of the utmost importance and PackworldUSA’s Validatable, Repeatable, and Consistent heat sealer meet the challenge every day, year after year.

foceps in heat sealed packagingMedical Devices

Medical device companies develop and manufacture medical and surgical instruments that can be used to diagnose, prevent, monitor, and treat medical conditions. A medical device can be an instrument, machine, implant, apparatus, software or a combination of these all. The need to adapt to clean room situations and quality heat seals becomes extremely important. With PackworldUSA you are assured of Perfect Seals, Every Time...

PackworldUSA sterile forceps after heat sealing
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