Designing and Manufacturing some of the World's most Efficient Impulse Heat Sealers

PackworldUSA designing efficient impulse heat sealers
PackworldUSA has been at the forefront of innovation. Electric power is a cost which consumers have little control other than to "unplug" - PackworldUSA, in striving to become more competitive in a environmentally challenged world. Utilizing PIREG® impulse heat seal temperature control and TOSS Technology, PackworldUSA heat seal machines are some of the world's most efficient.

TOSS Technology promotes sustainability

Impulse Heat Seal Controls reduce your packaging film consumption by 10% to 15%

Achieve sustainability with TOSS® Technology with PIREG® Heatseal Temperature Controllers, your key to heat sealing perfection. TOSS Machine Components provide perfect heat seals every time with custom designed PIREG® control systems. Whether designing a new sealing or packaging machine or retooling an existing one, TOSS provides you with impulse heat seal control solutions.

The TOSS® Technology with PIREG® Heatseal Temperature Control system is designed expressly for high response precision temperature control, and delivers consistent and repeatable impulse heat seals every time.

Learn More on how TOSS Technology with PIREG® impulse heat seal temperature control help those in the packaging world conserve on the use of natural resources and minimize the destruction of our habitat, our world. Imagine Sustainability CLICK HERE

Sustainable and Green Initiatives

PackworldUSA sustainable and green initiatives recycle art
Sustainable and green initiatives are becoming increasingly important in today’s business climate, as companies restructure their supply chains to reduce their carbon footprint, while also improving their bottom line.

PackworldUSA precision heat sealers use 20 to 30 times LESS power than conventional Constant (hot bar) sealers.

This is based on power consumptions by comparing same size heat sealing bars. The data was developed taking into account the heat lost from radiation and an estimate of losses from the Hot Bar into the mounting structure.

Constant heat bars have an initial heat up with 550 watts for 30 minutes while PackworldUSA Variable Resistance Controlled (VRC) bands use higher 625 watts for only 0.40 seconds. Constant bars will use approximately 450 watts per hour for 8 hours to maintain the temperatures.

There are other heat losses beyond the computation, such as multiple machines in a controlled temperature room running consistently during the shift. PackworldUSA precision heatsealers, with TOSS® Technology - The Optimum Sealing System provide simple validation and calibration controls in a user friendly machine.

For more on Green Heatsealing — read the “9-Steps to Heatsealing Perfection”.  CLICK HERE

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