Thermocouple Measurement, The Art of Impulse Heat Sealing

Charles H. Trillich
Founder, Packworld USA

Over twenty-five years ago, as President of Inpaco, Inc., I managed the design of numerous machines including totally aseptic, fitment attachment, form/fill/seal machines for the packaging of parenteral solutions. The limitations of thermocouples as temperature monitors became evident and the need for perfection became apparent. A search began for alternate temperature monitoring means.

The solution was found in TOSS Technology – The Optimum Sealing System. This system utilizes the temperature of the heat sealing element itself as the monitor and eliminates the errors that are inherent in thermocouple placement and attachment. A more detailed explanation of this technology can be found in an article published by Cannon Communications entitled "The Art of Thermocouple Measurement".

Today, PackworldUSA uses TOSS Technology in all of its heat sealing equipment. By so doing, Packworld is able to provide its customers with precisely controlled, validatable impulse heat-sealing equipment and the promise of perfect seals… every time.

Package integrity begins and ends with precise control. The experience shared by the contributors to the above mentioned article accentuates the difficulty encountered in attempting to control temperature by conventional means. And Cannon is to be congratulated for recognizing the problem and bringing it to our attention.


The Art Of Thermocouple Measurement - download PDF here

Reduce Cost and Increase Profit with Precision Heatsealing

Follow the evolution of heat sealing plastics which began with the development of the thermoplastic materials themselves and how the industry has changed with precision and repeatability.

Read the informative whitepaper by Charles H. Trillich download PDF here.

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