Worldwide Supplier of Validatable Medical Impulse Heat Seal Equipment

PackworldUSA is a manufacturer and distributor of validatable medical impulse heat sealing equipment ranging from benchtop heat seal models to floor-standing heat seal production machines. Specializing in vacuum/purge and heat seal/cut packaging capabilities for a variety of heat seal materials and pouch shapes.

We are Experts in Design and Manufacturing

All of our energy and engineering resources are dedicated to designing heat seal machines that meet today’s most stringent validation requirements. For instance, our heat sealing machines meet the FDA/GMP/NIST validation requirements demanded by the medical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech industries, so you can be sure that they’ll meet your needs no matter what your application is.

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medical impulse heat sealing

TOSS Machine Components, Inc.

The Original Distributor of The Optimum Sealing System with PIREG® Heatseal Temperature Controllers throughout the United States and Canada.

In 1988, TOSS Machine Components, Inc. was the first to introduce The Optimum Sealing System, known as TOSS Technology, to all packaging machine manufactures throughout the United States and Canada. Today, TOSS Technology, along with PIREG® Controls, are the key to impulse heat sealing perfection.

For over 35 Years...
TOSS Machine Components has led the way

In brief, whether new designs or re-tooling, TOSS Technology along with PIREG® Controllers have been providing State-Of-The-Art seal or cut/seal performance.

By phone, e-mail, or in person, our expert team of application engineers is available to provide you with support and a custom-designed impulse heat sealing system for your unique application.

Consistent, Repeatable and Validatable Heat Seals

The system is designed expressly for high-speed precision temperature control and delivers consistent, repeatable and validatable heat seals every time. Save time and material with TOSS Technology.

TOSS maintains a large inventory of PIREG® Impulse Heatseal Temperature Controllers which are are available for next-day delivery. Out of our 25,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, TOSS can also manufacture and provide all the necessary components that comprise the entire impulse heat sealing system; including both standard and custom-designed impulse heat sealing bands, heat seal jaw bars, and custom platens.

Quality Assurance is Guaranteed

PackworldUSA's technicians' 100% inspection and testing of all PIREG® Impulse Heatseal Temperature Controllers along with related components assure you they conform to manufacturer specifications for temperature accuracy before shipping. NIST traceable certification is available upon request.

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