Bench Top Impulse Heat Sealing Machines

PW7016 & PW7016K

PW7016 Bench Top

The PW7016 Series is an all-electric bench top heat seal machine. This cost effective, foot pedal operated machine is perfect for the production sealing of Tyvek, poly, foil pouches and other heat sealable materials. Capturing seal parameter data is just one of the high-level features standard on this compact unit.

Your heat sealing will be consistently repeatable and Validatable because all Packworld heat seal machines use our exclusive TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control - The Optimum Sealing System. In addition, the unobstructed stainless steel top allows for ease in cleaning and the jaw bars are readily accessible for routine servicing.

Packworld Heat Sealers produce repeatable, high quality heat seals each and every cycle thanks to the TOSS Alloy-20®-C heat seal band.

TOSS Control System

The control system provides the safety and assurance required by industries when perfect temperature control is essential. Repeatable, high quality heat seals are made each and every cycle. The system utilizes the TOSS Alloy-20®-C heatseal or cut and seal band as the temperature sensing means, thereby eliminating the lag between actual and measured temperatures. The instantaneous and continuous feedback permits high response for greater productivity.

Optional Knife Cutting System

The PW7016K with knife allows medical device manufacturers to combine medical pouch sealing and cutting processes into one step following sterilization. The heat sealers include a cut-off knife for trimming headers or excess material from a sealed pouch.

Simplicity and Safety

Easily operated by foot pedal control, this all electric heat sealer features a safety release jaw action. The jaws instantly release and "snap" open if they encounter any obstruction before the gap closes to two tenths of an inch.

Precision Heat Seal Control

The versatile advanced PIREG® impulse heat seal controller provides digital display of menu driven time/temperature profile with various time sequence possibilities. Time and temperature are keypad programmable with the cooling cycle controlled by either time or temperature. Actual temperature is displayed in real time and repeatable.

FDA/GMP Validation

Designed for validation, these heat sealers provide verification and feedback on all heat sealing parameters. Temperature and timing functions are set with keypad accuracy and can be verified with the display and with Data Capture with USB connection. Heat sealing time begins only after the prescribed temperature has been reached. The jaws remain closed until the heat seal cool down temperature is reached. Visual lock-out alarms alert the operator of functional problems.

Models PW7016 & PW7016K
Applications: Medical Devices • Pharmaceuticals • Clean Room Applications • High Temperature Samples • Research & Development • Electronics
Features: All-stainless steel construction • Menu Driven Micro-Processor • Selectable Temperature, 0 - 500°C • High/Low Temperature Alarm and Lock-Out • High Temperature Heatseal Bands and Materials • Self Diagnostics • Auto-Calibration • Stainless Steel construction • Single or double band heatseal operation • Foot Pedal Activation
Benefits: Portable-All Electric • Cost effective and Reliable • Quiet and Easy to Use • No special machine required for high temperature • Safety Assured • Maintenance Free • Single or Dual Bands • Calibration made simple • Easy change over of heatseal bands • Precise and repeatable heat sealing control • Clean room ready • Adaptable to a wide variety of uses
Options: Data Capture with USB connection and PC Software • NIST traceable calibration • Stainless Table for product placement • Knife Cutting System
Standard Features Heat Seal Length: 16 Inches • Heat Seal Width: 4, 6 or 8 mm • Temperature Range: 0 - 500°C • Timers: 0 - 99.9 Sec • Power: 115V, 15 amp • Dimensions: 16" x 19" x 7" • Weight: 56 lbs.
Options Adjustable Stainless Steel Stand • Stainless Steel product table • Water-cooled Jaws • NIST Traceable certification • CE Compliant
Specifications Heat Seal Length: 24 and 36 Inches • Heat Seal Width: 2 - 10 mm • Temperature Range: 300°C - (Optional 500°C) • Timers: 0.1 - 98.9 Sec • Power: 115 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz • Air Pressure: 80 - 100 psig

All PackworldUSA built machines are fully validatable, ensuring that your packaging will meet even the most demanding requirements. We offer precision heat sealing equipment ranging from bench top models to floor-standing production machines, all powered by TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control - The Optimum Sealing System - for consistent, validatable and repeatable results, every time.

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