Impulse Heat Sealer Validation

Impulse heat sealer validation course

A collaboration of PackworldUSA and Packaging Compliance Labs

Our Goal in Life is to Teach You Everything we know about Impulse Heat Sealing
A consistently reliable seal is the holy grail of a successful medical device launch and life cycle. Finding the right equipment, properly calibrated and validated, with optimal performance into the future is a major effort. It is also one of our personal favorite projects.

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The Perfect Impulse Heatseal is achieved with absolute control over time, temperature, and pressure. Whereas the perfect repeatable temperature cycle is the most difficult to achieve, perfection cannot be achieved without a controlled pressure that is uniform over the full length of the sealed area.

Automatic Zero Calibration (AUTOCAL) function
Owing to the automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL) function, there is no need to adjust the zero point manually on the controller. The AUTOCAL function matches the controller to the current and voltage signals that are present in the system.


Designing a high performance Heatseal System is not simple, but it is not difficult if one has some guidelines. We have tried to provide information that will aid in understanding the elements of the system that one must consider. If you are engaged in a Heatseal System design and desire assistance, call the people at PackworldUSA.

The people at PackworldUSA are specialists in plastic heat sealing technology, equipment and related devices. They can assist you in developing improved heat seal performance on your machines, old or new. They do it every day.

With PackworldUSA you are assured of Perfect Seals, Every Time...

PackworldUSA sterile forceps after heat sealing
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