Healthcare Packaging and PackworldUSA

PackworldUSA offers a complete line of impulse heat sealing equipment engineered with advanced TOSS®/PIREG® Technology dedicated to healthcare packaging needs. Designed specifically for today’s medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical markets, PackworldUSA machines produce validatable, repeatable, and consistent seals on all types of medical pouches and related polymeric products.

Over 25 years ago, PackworldUSA learned the limitations of thermocouples as temperature monitors and the need for a way to assure heat seal perfection became apparent. A search began for alternate temperature monitoring means.

The solution was found in TOSS® Technology with PIREG® Heatseal Temperature Control – The Optimum Sealing System. This system utilizes the temperature of the heat sealing element itself as the monitor and eliminates the errors that are inherent in thermocouple placement and attachment. A more detailed explanation of this technology can be found in an article published by Cannon Communications entitled "The Art of Thermocouple Measurement".


Is Heatsealing Art or Science
Reduce Cost and Increase Profit with Precision Heatsealing
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Impulse Heat Seal Jaw Bar Force Specifications
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The Art of the Thermocouple Measurement, TOSS Impulse Heat Seal Control
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Packworld/TOSS Impulse Heat Seal FACTS
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Impulse Heat Seal with TOSS Touch Screen Control

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Touch Screen Control


PW3400 Series


PW5536 Pass-Thru


Packaging Compliance Labs

Visit Packaging Compliance Labs to learn more on how a consistently reliable seal is the holy grail of a successful medical device launch. If your organization has not yet implemented heat sealer validation in house, this video on how to use an impulse sealer will help you plan for that. If your heat sealer station is up and running, this tutorial will help you gauge the health of your process! VISIT Packaging Compliance Labs here.

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