PW3316 and PW3324 Vertical Touch Screen Heat Sealing Machines

PW3316 Vertical

The NEW PW3300 validatable impulse heat sealer, with TOSS Touch Screen control, provides a graphical display of temperature/ time/ pressure with various time sequence possibilities and visual/audible alarms.

Clean Room Precision Heatsealer

Fully validatable and calibratable, ISO 11607, and RoHS compliant. This clean room heat sealer, with the TOSS Touch Screen control, is designed for quality, reliable sealing of plastics and sealable composites in a Medical Packaging, Research & Development, or production environment.

Touch Screen Precision Heatseal Control

This versatile impulse heat sealer, with TOSS Touch Screen control, provides a graphical display of temperature / time / pressure with various time sequence possibilities and visual / audible alarms. Time, temperature and pressure are programmable with the cooling cycle controlled by either time or temperature. Process controls are displayed in real time. Validation is easier than ever through the menu driven single touch process.

Precision Vacuum Heatsealer Options Click here for more info on Vacuum Sealers

Touch Screen Features

AUTOCAL (automatic Zero Calibration) with multi point calibration • Recipe storage • Re-settable seal counter • Graphical temperature display • Alarm diagnostics • Password protection • Watchdog monitoring checks temperature while idle.

Animation of Touch Screen Controls

Link image to PackworldUSA and TOSS Technology video
The New TOSS Touch Screen Control is easier than ever to achieve Perfect Seals... Every Time! CLICK HERE

Models PW3316 & PW3324
Standard Features Tabletop 16” & 24” • Compressed air exhaust outlet • Low pressure closing/high pressure sealing • Stainless Steel Case • Single or Dual band operation °C or °F • Emergency Stop Button • Can be fitted with any one of over 300 different TOSS Alloy-20® C heatseal bands depending on the results desired.
Options Adjustable Stainless Steel Stand • Stainless Steel product table • Water-cooled Jaws • NIST Traceable certification • CE Compliant
Specifications Power: 2.2kva @ 115V, 20amp (220V optional) • Timer: 0 - 99.9 sec. Temperature Range: 0 - 500°C • Heat Seal Bar Length: 16" and 24" • Jaw Force: 0 - 1000 lbs. • Size: 18" x 18" x 10" • Shipping Weight: 90 lbs. • Air Requirements: 80 - 100 psig

All PackworldUSA built machines are fully validatable, ensuring that your packaging will meet even the most demanding requirements. We offer precision heat sealing equipment ranging from bench top models to floor-standing production machines, all powered by TOSS Technology with advanced PIREG® temperature control - The Optimum Sealing System - for consistent, validatable and repeatable results, every time.

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